The Cold Front

Fourteen years have passed since the Dominion war. In the aftermath of the chaos of war, stellar empires extended, reduced or crumbled. The alliance among the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan (?) cooled with time, replaced their unending cold war. Some things never change.

Welcome to the Regulon System, Captain

As the Dominion pushed deep into Federation space, many frontier and border systems were strategically abandoned. The Regulon System is one such system, turning it into an open lawless frontier.

“The Bleed,” as it’s colloquially referred to is hotly contested by the three Great Powers of the Alpha Quadrant – as well as many local players. But any overt recruitment, by force or otherwise, would be seen by the other two as an act of war. So the war on this new front builds slowly.

These are the voyages of the starship Polaris

Her mission, to explore strange new worlds and maintain peace within the Bleed.

As a science vessel, the USS Polaris seems less of an intrusion than hardier warships, while still able to function as such when needed.

About the Game

The Frigid Bleed uses the Ashen Stars ruleset and is set in the Star Trek Universe.

The Frigid Bleed

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