The Frigid Bleed

Episode 4: All's Fair in Love & Borg
Something's fishy at a mining facility.

Note: I apologize for these terse writeups.

Admiral Singh hailed the USS Polaris during second shift operations. He informed Elliot Blake that Jeff Porter, of Cronstedt Mining had “graciously” asked Starfleet to look into a suspicious death that was slowing down the winding down of a mining facility in the Bleed – as well as making sure that the retirement of the facility was done in accordance to Federation Safety Regulations.

The mining facility had a crew of 20, now 19. In 30 days, it was to be shut down. Halfway through decommission. Jr. Engineer Jerro Lonzo had died due to the sudden decompression of a mine shaft, according to Chief Engineer Wick.

Ep3 miningcolony

Warping into the facility the initial hail is answered by Security Chief Rikthik, a cardassian. “Per standard mining protocol, ship must remain at 4km at all times.” (Although, his insistance is more to be annoying, than appropriate for the situation.)

Mession extraction: It’s new; extremely rare particles for extreme high end imaging devices; Extremely fragile; mostly exist near black holes.

19 (orig 20) people on mine; ~6 are engineers.
CO: Chief Engineer Floyd Wick
Company Rep: Clerk Huang

Rikthik is from a planet under the rule of Gul Borak of New Union Fleet.

Henry Skull is a smuggler; Vorkis knows him.

Greeted by Jo’Don, female human engineer. Core for AI, Canary (Canary bird) “Chief engineer Wick has a sense of humor.”

Captain on the bridge
Docked on habitat station; greeted by human female engineer, Jo’Don. 20s.
Shown some of the collectors, canary (the holographic ai)
She was very handles collectors with skills; gets us a bunk-room set up.
Messions form …. stuff.
Spacesuits don’t have shielding or modern amenities; passive radios
Assess Honesty: On tour, she’s talking a lot, like she’s been ordered to keep us occupied, or away from anything. She keeps a wide berth of the cardassian Secchief.
Report: Jerra was moving mining (bombs?) and neglected safety regulations.

Jo takes us through tunnels, where accident is; walk through crew quarters – one door is shut, says Lonzo. She’s not really happy comfortable with what happened.

Logs missing.
Can see through airlock window.
Hole in ceiling; looks like mining charge was detonated on the ceiling, as opposed to beaming it in.
Gorlock is reading non-human bio residue; it’s Caardassian. He also notices mining clamp.
Astronomy: Size of hole is large; when depressurized; but velocity of victim would be very low. So body would be no more than than a couple of meters away.

Captain’s antena picks up a flicker of motion as we come back from the mine.
Lonzo’s quarters: Holoplayer on pause. Guy in white with a Tommy Gun.
She was doing research on how to run a mession collector on extremely low power, with extremely low field. Doesn’t make any sense – no reason to make mession collector at low power; either you turn it on b/c you don’t need it, or full power in order to grab all you can before it’s too late.

Gorlax determines that Canary spies on everyone. Holosnail has been dead for months. In order to get to 43 C, Lonzo would’ve had to pass through Junction 8, and there is a snail there. She sees that after swiping her card, door doesn’t open → video was overwritten!

Also energy signature. Inventory of all explosive Mines → Vorkis.
He runs everything just that, protocol, move move move.

Chief Eng seems weirded out by question over low-powered collector; he’s also very proud of himself. Doesn’t seem to be guilty, though.

Vorkis finds her extremely password protected To Do list. Last item: Repair power relay in corridor for habitat. Also,she opened a ferengi account, but no deposit; opened a week before she died.

Go to corridor – room is splattered with gore and blood. Kinetics shows that someone climbed up ladder, closed hatch – someone was waiting for (Lonzo? Presumably) came up, held them, and maybe a mechanical drill was used. Blood everywhere.- This is Lonzo’s blood, and some sort of chemical cleaner was used, but it didn’t work.

Odd hollow metal tube with tissue on it. Evidence collect that shit. Polaris found the body. Broken holo snail.

After Jerro, 10-15 minutes, Rikthik walks into the room, looks around, touches the camera to turn it off.

Puncture wounds in neck of corpse, as well as sliced stomach. Foreign bodies … borg nanoprobes in body. Death occurred during assimilation process. The abdominal wounds are consistant with borg saws. Nanites are inert, completely nonfunctional. Which is also weird.

Clerk Huang is in distress – he appears to be in need of assistance. Video of Rekthik banging on Hunag’s quarters. Wickham is standing behind with arms crossed, nervous. Wickham is pointing at hinges on the door. Rekthik’s gone off to get something. That room does not have a functional holosnail, even if it shouldn’t.

Power fluctuations.

Gorn & Vulcan – Materliaze to see Rekthik with blowtorch. They heard yelling. There’s blood… everywhere. Huang is on the desk, limbs not attached – cut apart and scattered. He’s got metal structures forming around his head, but blood is still oozing out of severed limbs, via saws. He also has punctures.

Sounds like borg transporter operating. Huang screams “I’m sorry.”

Engineer: Weird seismic activity on other side of asteroid.
Huang was filing accident report for collapse in 16a for collector units.

Transdimensional being haunting one of mine robots; crazy guy who believes it is a God. Someone needs to stay behind because it is afraid to be alone – and it has cosmic powers.

Elliot gets transporter coordinates of equipment; secretly gives them to Jo’Dan, so she and her brother can buy their freedom.

Ends with ‘the con.’ Vorkis tries to stay behind to sell mining equipment, but finds them all gone.

Episode 3: Analise
The USS Polaris pursues a stolen starship with a secret.
Episode 2: The Future's Past
A distress call from a ghost ship
Episode 1: Welcome to the Bleed
The USS Polaris stumbles into a conspiracy while investigating the disappearance of a Federation diplomatic envoy. But whose conspiracy is it?

THe maiden voyage of the USS Polaris was supposed to be a routine stellar cartography mission. However, Admiral Singh of Starfleet Operations in the sector communicated the destruction of a freighter carrying federation diplomats for important talks within the Regulon System. The USS Polaris was the closest vessel.

Of the passengers, only three survived. An entertainer, a cook and Jeff Porter, executive of the Constedt Mining Corporation; he was rather insistant on ignoring the investigation, and getting him to (planet). Also, he had nothing but bad things to say about the federation.

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