Allison Kent


Despite potential ostracism from her family, Allison Kent rejected Starfleet for Archeology and the sciences. She was attached to the Regulon Science Academy, an organization near the badlands which was loosely affiliated with the Federation Science Institute.

She accepted the opportunity to study an Iconian digsite on the planet Black Mass, despite its location in the Badlands – particularly an area that would earn the monicker of “The Regulon Triangle” for all of the starships which would disappear, never to be heard of again.

In the year 2371, the USS Verity was sent to evacuate the dig site, and it was never heard from again.

Almost twenty years later, in 2389, the USS Verity was encountered in this now-neutral-zone, first by a cardassian starship and then, under orders from Admiral Singh, by the USS Polaris.

She and Professor Solon had unearthed an Iconian artifact which, when combined with an energy burst from the Badlands, launched the ship into the future. The crew learned of the Dominion wars, and only she and the Captain seemed opposed to their plan to go back in time and change the future.

Beamed over to the Polaris on the orders of Lieutenant Blake, after some conference with Crewman Daniels

At first suspected of sabotaging the warp core of the Verity due to a recording of her and the Captain shooting phasers at the warp core, her actions were later forgiven – due much in part to Serin mind-melding with her as she was in a coma.

After the USS Polaris resolved the situation, Allison was brought back to Earth by Section 31 agents.

Allison Kent

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