Shivaras Toron

Andorian captain of the USS Polaris




2328 – Born on Andoria to a very traditional family
2346 – Arranged marriage, has a child: a chan, Zherek
2347 – Joins Andorian Imperial Guard
2350 – Departs Andorian Imperial Guard
2351 – Joins Starfleet
2355-2359 – First assignment on the USS Templeton. Much of the tour of duty was spent along the Cardassian border.
2357 – The USS Templeton engages a Galor-class warship in the Setlik system.
2358 – Leads a security team from the Templeton to establish defenses on the New Moscow colony near the Cardassian border. Templeton is forced to leave orbit by a Cardassian raiding group while Toron’s team was setting up defenses for colony, and the team held the colony during a subsequent attack.
2359-2361 – Security appointment at Deep Space Four. Promoted to Lieutenant and is made watch leader of security shift.
2360 – Receives an official reprimand for his violent takedown of an Orion criminal on DS4.
2361-2375 – Assigned to the USS Halifax, a Nebula-class vessel, as second officer. Deploys survey and communication satellites in the Archanis Sector and patrols the Demilitarized Zone.
2370 – Promoted to commander and made first officer of the Halifax.
2374 – The USS Halifax is ambushed along the Romulan border by Jem’Hadar attack ships. The captain was incapacitated, and Toron managed to destroy 2 attacking ships.
2376 – Spends a year working as attaché to Andorian ambassador, Thelek Dren.
2377 – Takes a position at Starfleet Tactical Command, with a promotion to captain. Oversaw development of weapons systems in Research and Planning. Clashes with Admiral Kent.
2382 – Works as chief of staff for Rear Admiral Satelk at Starfleet Tactical Command, contributing to plans for defensive posturing for the Romulan border.
2383 – Teaches improvisational tactics lecture at Starfleet Academy.
2387 – With the destruction of Romulus, Toron opposes a plan to arm Reman rebels. His hawkish opponents in Tactical Command push for his reassignment to a ship captaincy.
2389 – Assigned to the USS Polaris

His son Zherek currently serves in the Andorian Imperial Guard. He and Shivaras are distant, but talk on occasion. Zherek feels abandoned by his father, who left to escape his repressive Andorian clan and military, and was unable to bring his son to Earth.

He enjoys ice climbing on the polar regions of Earth. During his time at the Academy, he often went to Ross City in Antarctica with three Andorian classmates.

Toron is a stern bridge presence and keeps his bridge colder and dryer than most human-captained vessels.

Shivaras Toron

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